There are few places on Earth where you’ll find what Tulum has to offer… sandy beaches, a crystalline sea, close to shore reefs and if you take one of our tours… cenotes, mangroves, lagoons and more!


If you’re heart is beating you can SUP! This is one of those perfect sports that give you a stunning 360° tan, workout and view! To make it the wonderful experience it can be, you’ll need sunblock, a rash guard, all your muscles and your eyes to take it all in.


Come talk to us! If you love taking a good yoga class, lying under the sun, snorkeling, taking a walk, having family fun or even extreme sports(?!)… paddleboarding is for you. It’s a bit like a meditation session at sea, we’ll guide you through your journey as we know the waves, the reefs and the best spots to chill. Rainy day? Perfect day! Join us in a tour to a lagoon or a cenote, which are natural sinkholes that were sacred for the Mayans. Because there are no currents or waves, these tours are ideal for families, for people who’ve never tried standing on a board and for everyone ready to enjoy what may otherwise seem like a gray day.


Come say hi at the beach and rent a board! We can give you tips and tricks, and we’ll love to hear all about your adventure when you come back to shore. You can also take one of our advanced classes and learn how to surf waves.
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Nature knows best and we listen, check out our calendar to know what’s going on and get in touch! You can send us an email, give us a call or just come visit us at our store or at the kiteschool. It’s paradise so please be patient is we don’t have wifi at all times.