If Not Now, When?


The underwater world in Tulum is simply magical. The Caribbean sea will give you a warm welcome into a biodiverse and colourful world. What we truly recommend you to try though, is diving in what the Mayans believed to be the windows to the other world…
cenotes! In the Yucatan peninsula we have the second longest fresh underwater system in the world and all it’s entry points are called cenotes.


You’ll have to be PADI certified to join us. If you’re not certified but would like to visit the underwater world, let’s talk! We offer PADI certifications and the course can easily be adapted to your lifestyle and times. If there’s not enough time but you want to get started, tell us more about what you’re looking for and come snorkel with us! We can also teach you the basics of free-diving.


Let’s dive! All you need is an Open Water PADI certification to discover some of the most exhilarating and relaxing places you’ll ever dive in. Diving with us in cenotes is thrilling, safe and recreational. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that were sacred for the Mayans and, although they’re connected through caves, we’ll always dive in cenotes where there is an exit point and a source of daylight. Each cenote is different, stunning and a unique experience where you’ll encounter history and even yourself! Check out some of the ones we recommend:

Casa Cenote: Open cenote, a bit like a mangrove. (manglar)
Dos ojos: It’s a cavern!
Gran Cenote: It’s a cavern!
Car Wash: Open and cavern cenote
Calavera (temple of doom): A cavern
The Pit: Deep diving
Angelita: Deep diving


Advanced diver? You’re at the right place! Our dive Master was born to breathe underwater and is The diver with whom you’ll experience what you’ve never even imagined. You haven’t dived in a while? Ask us about our refresher courses or tours, we’re all about safety and making you feel comfortable again. Not certified yet? Talk to us and we’ll explore your options.


Nature knows best and we listen, check out our calendar to know what’s going on and get in touch! You can send us an email, give us a call or just come visit us at Coco. It’s paradise so please be patient if we don’t have wifi at all times. Here’s a list of prices.